Chernobyl Chapter One: Release

We are happy to announce, Chernobyl Chapter One is now available on Steam Workshop:

  • Chernobyl Collection

  • If you need the .vpk files for hosting dedicated servers, you can download them here:

  • Moddb Link

  • Campaign Features:

    • 5 new maps in Coop (Versus included in the next update)
    • Close representation of the actual Jupiter Factory/Pripyat
    • Over 400 new models and 500 new textures
    • New “rescue vehicle”
    • Custom panic events

    General Information:

    What you need to play:

  • Chernobyl Collection

  • Please turn on the game instructor in your options for information relevant to progressing through the campaign.

    Please turn on music for this campaign. Our composers have spent a lot of time and energy to create our very own soundtrack.

    If you prefer Russian weapons, you can check out this collection of weapon/survivor mods. Of course, you can play with whatever mods you like.

  • Chernobyl Supported Weapons

  • Versus Mode:

    The Versus Mode will be included in the next update. We are currently looking for experienced versus players to optimize the gameplay. If you are interested, contact us at: av3ris[at]


    We are happy to improve upon the experience you have. Please participate by giving us feedback on the workshop discussion section or in our Steam Group:

  • Chernobyl Steam Group

  • Servers:

    At the moment we host 9 servers all over the world that you can use to play on. Feel free to host your own local server or even a public server. You can access them easily by joining our Steam Group.

  • Chernobyl Steam Group

  • Chernobyl Frankfurt 1 (GER)

    Chernobyl Frankfurt 2 (GER)

    Chernobyl Frankfurt 3 (GER)

    Chernobyl Frankfurt 4 (GER)

    Chernobyl New York (USA)

    Chernobyl Singapur 1

    Chernobyl Singapore 2


    The infection continues to spread all over the Eurasian mainland, leaving its governments in disarray. With no other option in mind, the remaining survivors are heading east to reach the Siberian tundra. As rumor has it, the infection can’t spread effectively in the cold winds of the permafrost region.


    The four survivors managed to bribe one of the last pilots who is bound to leave Warsaw to fly them eastwards. The safest route seemed to be right over the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant as they thought there were no people left. Little did they know that prior to the outbreak there were still around 4000 people left to maintain reactor block #1 - #3 and seal off the destroyed reactor block #4.